Tips For Keeping Your Dog Free From Ticks And Tick-Borne Diseases

It is hard to keep dogs away from plants and bushes in your backyard, and even more so if you take them out for a walk. They also happen to find a thick shrub to snuggle into and almost inevitably come back with a bunch of ticks stuck to their fur.

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You can employ residential tick control moore services to get rid of tick problems. But chances are your dog will still find a way to get some on the coat. Therefore, it is best to learn about some tick prevention and remedies beforehand, so you know how to handle the situation.

1.  Know The Tick Season

Ticks are there all year round. But certain regions experience a higher tick infestation at certain points of the year. Find out the tick season of your state and stay vigilant about it.

2.  Tick Collars

Tick collars are laced with special chemicals that keep ticks away and kill them in case they latch onto the dog’s furs. You can get your furry folk a tick collar if he or she is into roaming and playing outdoors. However, if your dog swims a lot, then the collar might not be as effective.

3.  Oral Medications, Shampoos, And Dips

Oral medications are administered timely to do a better job at tick prevention than collars. Ask your vet to prescribe the best one for your fur friend. Some of the better anti-tick medications protect against fleas as well.

If not medicines, then there are shampoos and dips you can use for tick prevention. However, it might not be a successful attempt if your dog hates to take a bath often.

4.  Frisk Them Daily

Ticks are most likely to latch onto necks, heads, and cute floppy ears. Whenever you take your dog outside, perform a thorough frisk session after you return home.

Ticks take a few hours to completely embed themselves. If you can handpick them out before that, you would save your pet from pain and suffering, as well as yourself.